Power Units:

Allied offers power units from 20hp up to 100 hp which operate both the pedestal boom and breaker and are carefully matched to your pedestal boom system to ensure maximum performance and productivity. Since the power is separate from the boom, it can be mounted in any convenient location near the work station. Power Units include:

  1. Variable volume, pressure compensated, load sensing piston pump.

  2. Pressure, return and air filters to protect against contamination.

  3. Low oil, high temperature and filter bypass switches.

  4. Immersion heater.

  5. Tank cleanout cover.

  6. Coupling guards.

  7. Flooded pump inlets.

  8. Combination sight level and temperature gauges


Allied offers power units from 20hp up to 100 hp

Custom Applications

control unit
  1. Auto lubrication systems for boom and breaker.

  2. Not just hammers! Attachments such as grapples, spades, picks and compaction plates.

  3. Deluxe Electrohydraulic joystick remote control.

  4. Radio, coaxial cable and fiber optics.

  5. Climate controlled cabs.