Boom Series


Reliability. Productivity. Safety.

Allied Pedestal Boom Systems are at work on mobile, portable and stationary crushing plants in mines, quarries and industrial sites throughout the world. These rock breaker systems are built to last, even under the most severe conditions. These systems quickly and safely break and rake oversize, bridged or frozen material to maintain constant flow and keep the primary crusher working at its maximum capacity. Downtime is reduced and dangerous removal procedures, such as personnel entering the crusher to break oversize material with hand-held tools and blasting, are eliminated. Operators are placed a safe distance away from the open crusher and flying debris.

PowerPortableTM Series

The lightweight system with heavy-duty attributes

A versatile, compact and lightweight system designed to be transported easily without exceeding load limits. Can be paired with hammers up to 1500 ft. lbs. The system is most adaptable for a wide variety of uses.

Portable Boom Series

  • Turntable mounted systems provide up to 330o of swing rotation.

  • Well suited to handle hydraulic breakers from 200 ft. lbs. to 1500 ft. lbs.

  • Ideal for portable and mobile crusher applications, especially where transport weight and dimensions are a primary concern.

  • Specifically designed power units and hydraulic interface kits that tie into existing crusher hydraulic systems are available

Standard sizes shown in table. Many more custom sizes available, call us for more options!
Model Weight Lbs. (Kg)
1004 1700(780)
1304 2200(998)
1505 2500(1134)

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PowerBoomTM Series

The best power-to-weight ratio for a 180o swing Boom

Allied PBS’s bestselling system, the PowerBoom covers a broad range of applications. Reaches are available between 11 and 25 feet in length. Shorter lengths capably handle a 5,000 ft. lb. hammer. Our expert technicians assist our customers with matching the best PowerBoom model with the best hammer for your application.

The PowerBoom HD System utilizes a heavier duty (HD) stick section with larger diameter pins, perfect for harder rock applications.

power boom series

  • Allied PowerBooms come in 18 standard models with the horizontal reach from 10 to 25 ft.

  • These units work with hydraulic breakers from 550 ft. lbs. through 5000 ft. lbs.

  • Ideal for portable, mobile, or stationary installations utilizing jaw and impact crushers with a vibratory feeder and rock box.

  • Fully assembled, factory tested, and ready to operate when oil and electric power are added.

Standard sizes shown in table. Many more custom sizes available, call us for more options!
Model Weight Lbs. (Kg)
1102 7430(3380)
1404 7620(3460)
1505 7700(3500)
1505 HD 8200(3730)
1610 7700(3500)
1704 7810(3550)
1705 7750(3520)
1807 7990(3630)
1807 HD 8590(3900)
1811 7830(3560)
1906 HD 8650(3930)
2013 7990(3630)
2109 8210(3730)
2209 8270(3760)
2215 8210(3730)
2317 8350(3800)
2411 8590(3900)
2518 8590(3900)

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PowerPlusTM Series

The solution for heavy-duty applications

The PowerPlus system is designed to fit technical requirements for the high capacity jaw impact and gyratory applications. It is available in two styles, the swing post, providing 185 degrees of swing, and a turntable (TT) style, providing 330 degrees of swing. Available model lengths between 15 feet and 31 feet of reach, this system easily handles hammers with up to 8,000 ft. pounds. PowerPlus is a best seller in Quarry applications.

power plus boom

  • Allied PowerPlus Booms come in 8 standard models with horizontal reach from 20 to 31 ft., and 185° or optional 330° swing rotation with the TT (Turntable) version.

  • Ideal for jaw, impact or gyratory crushing plants set-up to handle large trucks with an increased duty-cycle utilizing breakers up to 8000 ft. lbs. for the largest, hardest rock.

  • Designed for raking bridged or breaking oversized material in high production applications.

Standard sizes shown in table. Many more custom sizes available, call us for more options!
Model Weight Lbs. (Kg)
2009 14000(6350)
2009-TT 16000(7257)
2311 14400(6531)
2311-TT 16400(7438)
2714 14900(6758)
2714-TT 16900(7665)
3117 15500(7030)
3117-TT 17500(7937)

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PowerMaxTM Series

The ultimate performance in a turnable system

The PowerMax System is perfect for the most demanding applications. Specifically designed for high capacity mining and aggregate applications, the PowerMax welcomes job assignments with demanding raking, breaking, and crushing. Combining high tensile strength and strict choice of alloys and heat treatment, the PowerMax reach extends from 26 to 40 feet. Shorter reaches can accept up to an 11,000 lb. ft. hammer.

  • Allied PowerMax Booms come in 5 standard models with horizontal reach from 26 – 40ft.

  • These turntable-mounted, 330° swing units offer the highest duty-cycles in the industry and are matched with hydraulic breakers from 2,000 ft. lbs. through 11,000 ft. lbs.

  • Designed to operate continuously over the largest gyratory crushers in mines or quarries with the toughest, hardest, most abrasive raking and breaking applications.

  • Ideal to operate over large dump boxes, these units have a constant swing torque throughout their rotation for the best raking and breaking efficiency.

  • Allied Turn Table systems do not interfere with crusher production as they are free to swing clear of the work area during routine boom and breaker maintenance.

Standard sizes shown in table. Many more custom sizes available, call us for more options!
Model Weight Lbs. (Kg)
2615 25500(11600)
3217 26200(11900)
3319 28900(13100)
3418 29400(13400)
3922 29800(13500)

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