David Price Metal Services Purchases Pedestal Boom Systems

pedestal boom systems


March 1, 2016: Allied Pedestal Boom Systems, LLC, a division of David Price Metal Services, Inc of Norwalk, Ohio (DPMS) is pleased to announce it has acquired the pedestal boom division of Allied Construction Products LLC of Cleveland, Ohio (Allied CP). Allied CP introduced its Pedestal Breaker System in 1972, and grew the business to become the market leader in North America. Philip Paranic, Allied CP’s president noted that the Pedestal Breaker System products have been sold in countries across the globe.

For decades, DPMS has been a key supplier to Allied CP, fabricating sticks, booms, hammer boxes and many other welded products for Allied CP’s hammer, Ho Pac and compaction divisions. Mr. Paranic noted when Allied CP decided to return to its core business of distributing and servicing Rammer Hammers and manufacturing its own proprietary Ho-Pac vibratory compactor line, DPMS was the ideal company to acquire the pedestal boom division. Mr. Paranic and DPMS’s president, Christopher Price, negotiated terms and structured a transaction that will be good for both companies.

Mr. Price noted the transition has been smooth and Allied’s staff has been extremely helpful. “We are pleased that one of our key vendors has purchased the entire business unit and will continue to provide top tier products and service well into the future,” stated Mr. Paranic. Allied CP will continue to provide advisory services, but DPMS will assume all sales and service going forward.

DPMS was founded in 1971 by David C. Price as a local fabricating company servicing area construction companies. DPMS has evolved over the past 45 years to provide custom manufacturing solutions to various construction, automotive, food and alternative solar energy markets. Our extensive knowledge of fabricating, machining, hydraulics and industrial controls makes DPMS uniquely qualified to succeed in these growing markets. DPMS has earned the reputation for building quality machines and providing service that exceeds its customers’ expectations.