Rebel Attachments by Allied PBS


AB series hammer headAB series hammers

The AB Series hammers offer excellent power to weight ratio, a wide selection of working tools, broad hydraulic flow range, and silenced enclosed-housing design. These hammers boast features like over-sized tie rods, only two integral moving parts, dual tool retainer pins, top-down automatic lubrication porting, and oversized pressure accumulator. Coupled with the exceptional design features and first class support of Allied PBS, these hammers will provide the highest performance and durability in the most demanding applications.


Rebel AC hydraulic plate compactors

Greater vibration forces generate stress waves in granular or loose soil material, bringing the soils air to the surface and packing the particles closer together. Greater impulse action works together with the carrier’s downward forces to compact cohesive clay-type soils.

The result is faster, safer, more efficient compaction than other carrier attachments as well as walk-behind plate compactors, rollers, jumping jacks and other machines..

Tool Selection Guide


AB Series Breaker Operation Manual